We merge music and video production into one cohesive vision, recording and filming acoustic music, jazz, world music and awesome songwriters.

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Multi track audio recording.

Multiple rooms and great acoustics.


Multi cam video recording in 4k quality with cinematic movement



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Control room
Control room



Control room
Control room




Hey There!


Alessio here, writing a few words about me and the studio. I designed and built this studio from scratch, with one idea in mind: Artists need to be heard... and seen! 


I wanted to create a studio that could offer the best of both audio and video; that could adapt to the artist's need. The walls can literally move depending on how big a sound and space you want! It was a crazy idea but thanks to 2 fundraising campaigns and countless friends helping out in the process, we made it, and it has been quite a journey.


Let me tell you a little bit about it...




Studio 42 is one of the best recording studios in NYC.

The studio has high ceiling, a 600sqft main live room, a 200sqft drum room, vocal booth and a 300sqft control room.

The walls the studio can literally move depending on how big a sound and space you want! Every wall uses a different material/texture to make it appealing to filming and to keep the acoustics of the space interesting.

We also developed a modular wall grid system that allows us to change the acoustic property of a wall depending on the needs.

We have plenty of outboard gear and microphones to capture a smooth/clean sound as well as vintage analog vibe.


We use multiple 4k cameras and an array of stabilyzers/sliders/cranes to keep the movement cinematic and smooth for the music video productions. Using a light meter we can match the scenes luminosity on the spot so that we can achieve balanced footage between all shots.

We spend quite some time lighting the scenes with specific film lighting, panels and modifiers to achieve the desired mood for the music.

The next step is editing using Da Vinci Resolve. We put together a first cut, after 2 revisions, we move on to coloring the footage, giving the footage a "vibe" with subtle changes to the color scheme and shadows, here is where the footage comes to life!


We mix and edit on Logic pro and Pro-tools.

We can mix in the box or in an hybrid set up, using analog outboard gear and analog summing mixers.

The mixing process is at the end of the chain, any mistake or change of direction in arrangement, performance or production made prior to this chain will carry over and present challenges.

After mixing we can move on to mastering, where we optimize the tracks for better playback on all devices and address overall changes in tone, width and depth of the track.


231 Norman avenue, 11222 Brooklyn NY


Tel: 617-858-5508

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