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How it works

Group classes

We are offering an ever-expanding catalog of group classes and free webinars. These are a really great starting point for a lower cost. Browse the list and find what you are interested in!

The group lessons are live and take place on zoom, you can ask questions, interact with other members, and the teacher. 

You will be able to hear high-quality audio in real-time through your teacher's session, this is crucial in order to be able to hear examples of eq and compression.

After booking your class, you will receive an email with the zoom link to be used at the time/day of the class. 

Private coaching 

If you want to learn more about audio mixing or recording, whether you are starting from scratch or need help finishing all those sessions you have lying around...

This is the right place! You will be able to stream high-quality audio from your session directly to us.

We can coach you and help you organize, strategize and teach you techniques that can help you make your music sound better!

How it works

You can schedule a free 15 minutes consultation call with one of our coaches to discuss your needs and find out if you are a good fit. 

To be able to stream your audio in high quality, you have to download a plug-in called audiomovers they have a free 7-day trial. Please install it and make sure it works before your class time starts.

After your booking has been confirmed, you will also receive a link to the Zoom conference call that will be used to screen-share your session with us.

Here you can download a pdf with a step by step guide on how to set up your session.

Roberto .jpg

Roberto Giaquinto

I've learned a ton from Alessio, he revolutionized the way i approach mixing drums and how to go about mixing without second guessing myself


Ayal - Bass on stairs (smaller).jpg

Ayal Tsubery

I was getting frustrated trying to mix some full band sessions I recorded.

Alessio gave me lots of practical tips and a great frame of reference on how to approach mixing. I will be back for more!


Lily Virginia

I've learned so much about mixing my own vocals, creating effects and space in my songs; these classes have demystified mixing for me.

I highly recommend!

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