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I grew up in Italy where I studied music and photography. I then received a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, studying percussion performance as well as music production in Boston. After Berklee, I moved to NYC and lived as a performer for 5 years, while honing my skills as a producer on several independent projects. From pop to jazz, folk to hip-hop, I have performed in many styles all over the world. 


Because the live experience is so magical to me, I've always tried to bring that same magic and "aliveness" to the way I produce content; exploring sounds and obsessively finding the "right touch" for each instrument within a track. I believe that truly understanding performance is a crucial part of my job as an engineer and producer.



After a while, I saw that the independent artists and friends I worked with needed more than my performance and production skills to bring their albums to the next level. They needed to create visual content. I suddenly realized that I could bring together my audio engineering background, productions skills, and my photography/videography knowledge to create something truly remarkable.



After many sleepless nights, countless splinters, and the support of many friends, Studio42 was born!


Studio42 is meticulously built to sound and look phenomenal. The acoustics themselves are variable with custom-made wall structures that can move and become reflective or absorptive depending on your needs. The lighting is also customizable with an infinite color palette.



I really hope you'll get a chance to see it!









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